форева ёрс (inga_ilm) wrote,
форева ёрс

международный топ. пятая строка сверху.

Оригинал взят у bart_calendar в If You Really Give A Shit About What Happened In Paris Last Night....
.. hey I get it.

Many people only care about the shock value.

That said I do think some of you give a shit.

And if that's your thing don't waste your time changing you Facebook profile picture.

That helps nobody.

But there is an organization that is working really hard (and sometimes getting killed because of it) to try to stop this violent bullshit.

They are known in these parts as The Red Crescent.

In the non Muslim part of  the world they are known as The Red Cross.

Nobody has anything against these people.

They are the best people in the world.

So please go here and give them a buck if you actually give a shit about the Paris thing.


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