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Picture provided by the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation, BKA, in Berlin on Monday June 28, 2010 shows the painting 'The Taking of Christ, or The Kiss of Judas' by Italian painter Caravaggio (1571-1610) . Police say they have recovered the stolen Caravaggio painting and arrested four members of an international gang of art thieves in the German capital. Police said Monday the painting was recovered Friday after they arrested four men - three Ukrainians and a Russian - as they tried to sell it to an interested buyer in Berlin. The 16th-century painting - "The Taking of Christ, or the Kiss of Judas" - is worth several million euros (dollars) and was stolen from the Museum of Western and Eastern Art at the Ukrainian city of Odessa in July 2008.


* и кстати вот еще симпатичный ресурс:

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  • простите

    я сегодня опять ничего не могу сказать о Риме. снова вертолеты с самого утра

  • просто так

    чаша для святой воды в католической церкви * ныне пустуют

  • извените :)

    Народец убывает. Испанская лестница как индикатор количества туристов Очень вкусно! Всегда стесняюсь снимать монахов и монашек. Сегодня…

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